Registered Accessibility Specialist

Complying with the current Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS 2012) with building codes and other requirements can be a complex and difficult process. But having wealth of plan-design-build knowledge with hands-on diversified experience, we can offer uniquely insightful consultations to architects, engineers, general contractors and property owners, and individual clients to help ensure their project is in compliant with TAS 2012 by providing solutions for their design challenges and to avoid any future liabilities for non-compliance issues with TDLR. As per TDLR requirements, the scope of our RAS services includes – General Administrative – filing of all forms from start to finish of the project and follow up with client to meet with schedule. Plan review with report related to site plan, parking layout, floor plan, accessible restrooms, and F & F layout. On-site inspection with report and technical guidance till closing of the file with TDLR.